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                    Zhejiang Wuxing Technology Co., Ltd. | Taizhou Kepu Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
                    CN EN


                    Ball Value Equipment


                    Environ. Protection Equipment

                    About us

                    Zhejiang Wuxing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang, China. The production base is located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. The company has strong strength, and has domestic leading production equipment, professional technical team, skilled production staff and many technical patents. The main products are catering fume purification equipment, industrial fume purification equipment, UV photolysis purification equipment, indoor air purification equipment, low temperature plasma purification equipment, etc., widely used in catering, heat treatment, standard parts, plastics, spraying, circuit boards, textiles and other industries. Air management.
                    Quality, integrity, innovation, and win-win are our eternal values. We will continue to deepen the field of environmental protection, and base ourselves on the Yangtze River Delta, serving the whole country and facing the world. Wu Xing will work with all the willing people to achieve win-win results for our sky. Blue and work hard together!

                    Contact us

                    24-Hour Hour Hotline