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                    Zhejiang Wuxing Technology Co., Ltd. | Taizhou Kepu Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
                    CN EN

                    The valve should include the following documents:
                         --Designing Documents;
                         - Welding Procedures (WPS);
                         - Welding Process Assessment Record (PQR);
                         - Welder Qualification Record (WQR);
                         - NDE personnel qualification records;
                         - calibration record of the test device;
                             - Valves greater than or equal to DN 50 (NPS 2):
                             - The smelting certificate for the valve body, bonnet/cover and end connection can be traced back to the unique valve serial number;
                             - trace the serial number of the valve material list;
                             - Pressure test results.
                         The manufacturer shall provide clear, traceable, reproducible documentation and avoid damage.
                         The manufacturer shall retain the documents required by this standard for at least 5 years from the date of manufacture.
                         The Buyer shall specify the special supplementary documentation requirements that shall be provided in Appendix D.

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