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                    Zhejiang Wuxing Technology Co., Ltd. | Taizhou Kepu Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
                    CN EN
                    Precision grinder
                    2019-11-23 10:57:02

                    Precision grinder

                    1. Quality policy:
                    Strengthen standard management, adhere to continuous improvement, pursue first-class quality, enhance customer satisfaction
                    2. Quality objectives:
                    The qualification rate of one-time assembly of the whole machine reached 87%; the passing rate of parts inspection reached 94%; customer satisfaction exceeded 90%.
                    3. Physical and chemical measurement and measurement The company's physical and chemical measurement room is a national secondary measurement unit.
                    The physical and chemical laboratory has 41 sets of physical and chemical analysis and testing instruments. It can carry out physical and chemical analysis and testing from raw material inspection, testing, process testing and process inspection.
                    The measuring room has a constant temperature room area of 500m2, and has more than 1200 measuring instruments such as long, heat, power, electricity and sound level, among which more than 60 sets of precision measuring instruments can meet the testing and testing of series products.

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